Garnet Hertz (CA)

print and bind your own Disobedient Electronics


Garnet Hertz has produced Disobedient Electronics, a zine featuring contributions from makers all over the world. This is the European premiere of the publication. At FUTURE FLUX FESTIVAL, you can print and bind your own copy of the zine, and even add your own page of thoughts on the subject of disobedient electronics.

Dr. Garnet Hertz is Canada Research Chair in Design and Media Arts and is Associate Professor in the Faculty of Design and Dynamic Media at Emily Carr University. His art and research explores themes of DIY culture and interdisciplinary art / design practices. He has shown his work at several notable international venues in thirteen countries including SIGGRAPH, Ars Electronica, and DEAF and was awarded the 2008 Oscar Signorini Award in robotic art. He has worked at Art Center College of Design and University of California Irvine. His research is widely cited in academic publications, and popular press on his work has disseminated through 25 countries including The New York Times, Wired, The Washington Post, NPR, USA Today, NBC, CBS, TV Tokyo and CNN Headline News.