The FUTURE FLUX FESTIVAL is a festival for curious people and a platform for new developments in the fields of technology, art and innovation. This makes Rotterdam the perfect host of the FUTURE FLUX FESTIVAL: the city not only offers space for development, but for testing and realisation as well. Changing the world begins with making things.

The festival will take place in the Onderzeebootloods at RDM Rotterdam. This spacious venue has a rich industrial history and is rapidly evolving into a prominent site where industry, creativity and innovation converge.


FUTURE FLUX FESTIVAL takes place every year and exposes a wide audience to new ideas, stories and applications for the future. The festival achieves all this by presenting exiting experiments, new collaborations, expositions, lectures, workshops and a music programme. What’s more, throughout the year the Future Flux Festival programmes various activities in close collaboration with its partners.

The FUTURE FLUX FESTIVAL aims to connect high and low content, art and industry, technology and city.


Stichting RDM festival
Directiekade 32
3089 JA Rotterdam

If you have any questions, please contact us at info@futurefluxfestival.nl




Playground | Michelle Kasprzak

How do you Do | Veerle Devreese, Robin van Gils

Industry Day | Tanja Koning, RDM Makerspace

FabCity | JanJoost Jullens, Jonas Martens, Aletta Martens, Basch Leeft and Shailoh Phillips

Music | Lowriders/Hefty Ard Janssen and Hans Beekmans

This Happened | Pieter Diepenmaat, Adriaan Wormgoor and Froukje Sleeswijk Visser





Director | Tanja Koning

PR and communication | Creatieve Kwesties / Femke Cuijpers, Erik Gille, Lisanne Vakkers / Michel Langendijk

Production | COBALT / Rosa Schol, Randi de Vries, 
Marloes Verhoeven, Barbara Goldman and Roxanne van Kooten

Design | KADRE / Mark Holtmann

Website | Florian Schroiff

Spatial design | Willem Besselink

Technical production | Peitsman licht en geluid


Board | Jos van der Vegt, Karin van de Braak, 
Huub Sparnaay en Carla Hoekendijk

Advisory board | Jouke Goslinga, Kim van ’t Sant


And a big thanks to all our volunteers!


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