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Artistic work with 3D Printing in Steel

Meet: Georgina Voss (UK)


DIY with 3D steel printing? Georgina Voss has been given this opportunity as artist-in-residence at the Future Flux Festival. In the run up to the festival, she will work together with Ramlab’s technical crew to investigate the creative application of 3D steel printing. In this HDYD session she will focus on artistic work, concepts, and materials that she has developed through her time at RAMLAB about the presence and politics of software in ports and supply chains, with a focus on her artwork  ‘Near Net Shape’ exhibited in Onderzeebootloods.

As versatile as she is, Georgina creates work through her studio practice; writes articles (for The Guardian, The Atlantic and the like); and carries out research and practice with Strange Telemetry and the London College of Communication into technology and politics. Bringing her rich knowledge to RAMLAB, she will reveal her findings during the table session.

#artistic #steel #3d
Round 1 | Table 1: 3D manufacturing