Wietse van der Werf
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Sea Ranger Service

Meet: Wietse van der Werf (NL)


Wietse van der Werf combines innovative designs with high ideals. He is the founder of the Wildlife Air Service, an initiative that uses airplanes and drones to collect evidence of illegal fishery. He is currently working at the Dry Dock, a circular shipyard in the Port of Rotterdam, setting up the Sea Ranger Service. In this project, navy veterans will train unemployed youth from Rotterdam as Sea Rangers, so that they can set sail on the sea to manage protected areas. Pull up a chair next to Wietse and find out how to link innovative ideas with social entrepreneurship and integral work processes.

Session 1: #responsibility #Harbour bussiness #social_entrepreneur #revenue model
Session 2: #FutureForNature #circular #collaboration #responsibility