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How to Do/ Undo


How to Do/ Undo

The Playground is a place of wonder where you will be confronted with many opportunities to get your hands dirty and experiment. We have commissioned several Dutch and international artists to create “How To” tutorials, each of which will take you on a journey: building, making, and raising questions.

There are many things to create: a loudspeaker, a mobile phone performance, 3D object mashups, a zine, and a fake bomb detector. You can learn how to protect your data online, how to find love in a browser history, and how to power a battery with just gravity.

We also have space to contemplate: Parallel Suspended is a robot which will create large sand patterns on a continuous basis on the floor. In the Osmo dome you can contemplate the beauty of the cosmos and take a break from the constant pinging of your smartphone.

We’re also pleased to present the results of Georgina Voss’ residency at RAMLAB, Near Net Shape. Using wire arc additive manufacturing (3D printing in steel), Voss has created structures which make the invisible software layers operating within hardware more visible.


James Auger (GB), Gijs van Bon (NL), Debbie Ding (GB), Dries Depoorter (BE), Peter Flemming (CA), Garnet Hertz (CA), Darsha Hewitt (CA), Loop.pH (GB), Matthew Plummer-Fernandez (GB/CO) en Julien Deswaef (BE), Georgina Voss (GB), Leanne Wijnsma (NL).