How Do You Do

Linger: Connected Crowd

Meet: Jasper van Loenen (NL)


When you’re out and about, your smartphone constantly scans for Wi-Fi networks. Perhaps without you even knowing it, your phone leaves behind a set of digital fingerprints. Some shops use this information to gain insight into your purchasing habits as they can tell exactly how much time you’ve spent in the sweets department before making your choice.

Artist and maker Jasper van Loenen likes to stay in control. Following his successful Drone it Yourself, he developed Linger, a small device which covers up your own Wi-Fi signal by assembling a virtual crowd around you that also sends out Wi-Fi signals. A display indicates exactly the size of the group you can use to mislead data trackers. Join Jasper’s table session to hear about his brand-new product and the subversive approach of Internet of Things.

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