Jan Belon in Het Nieuwe Instituut Foto Hans Tak
How Do You Do

IoT Design Manifesto

Meet: Jan Belon (BE)


Are you an Internet of Things product creator, and if so, are you aware of the consequences of the products that you choose to make? After all, all these ‘things’ collect information independently and based on that, make their own choices, affecting privacy, safety and the relationship between man and technology. Afdeling Buitengewone Zaken, The Incredible Machine & The Connected Everyday lab started to compile ‘responsible principles’ to help creators make these choices. Jan Belon offers insights into the latest principles of the ever-growing IoT Design manifesto.

And don’t forget to take a look at FabCity Connected presentation during FUTURE FLUX FESTIVAL at the Onderzeebootloods: you can find the IoT Design Manifesto here!

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