How Do You Do

Foxconn & 5000times

Meet: Isabel Mager (DE)


Exposing The One Part Of Apple Design You’ll Never See.

iPhones & iPads – even though they are the most high-tech devices, to this day they are still handmade. Foxconn, the largest computer parts manufacturer in the world, is totally non-transparent about the activities within its infamous walls. Carrying out 1 task for 12 hours? Critical designer Isabel Mager recorded the repetitive assembly-line tasks, by, amongst other things, analysing online video images of the Foxconn factory. The working practices, their circumstances and why the production processes have not yet been robotised are questions that are at the forefront of Isabel’s investigation 5000times.

#Foxconn #labour #visualisation #assembly #humanaspect

At the invitation of FUTURE FLUX FESTIVAL & Het Nieuwe Instituut