FabCity Rotterdam

25 pioneers in the mini city of the future


FabCity is prepping the city dweller for the future. The movement started in Barcelona and cities like Boston, Detroit, Paris and Amsterdam then caught on. The city of Rotterdam is filled with makers, designers, inventors, hackers, nerds, do-it-yourselfers, chefs, successful entrepreneurs and random nutty professionals. They already have their hands on the technology of the future, and they already know how to make new products using waste. FabCity is a mini city where these pioneers can teach you everything that you will need to know.

Visit FabCity
In FabCity Rotterdam, 25 pioneers will show you what the mini city of the future can look like: an exposition, a playground, classroom and a secret NASA laboratory combined. FabCity Rotterdam’s first edition will take place during the FUTURE FLUX FESTIVAL in the Onderzeebootloods.

DIY in FabCity
Come play with small devices that you won’t find in the shops yet, learn to design in 3D, play a game of man versus machine Jenga. Come and look at how we can stuff our city with data and learn how you can become better at it. Drop by and have a bite to eat, because we need your leftovers for the gas burner and to make perfume and leather shoes. And while you’re at it, can you figure out how to extract electricity from your houseplants?

More than 25 pioneers
We bring you the Kitchen of the Future (with RotterZwam, Freggies, Broodnodig, GroenCollect) Qmod workshops, Ruik perfume, Fruit Leather, Fairphone, Perpetual Plastic, Uptown Open Source Supermarket, New Marble, Stone Cycling, Light Pixels (Jonas Vorwerk), sensor without battery (Tryst Energy), Internet of Things expo (Afdeling Buitengewone Zaken), workshops by Marvin (RDM Makerspace), coding workshops (Coderdojo) and Things Network

Achtergrond FabCity Rotterdam
FabCity is supported by the Rotterdam municipality and the Port Authority (Havenbedrijf) and is produced by Tanja Koning and the FUTURE FLUX FESTIVAL organisation. The programmers are Janjoost Jullens (Studio Wolfpack), Jonas Martens (Better Future Factory en Rotterdamse Nieuwe) en Baschz Leeft.