Everything and everyone connected:

Internet of Things


What if not only people can go on the internet with smartphones and computers, but things can do so as well? What if a car can tell you where it is; what if a surveillance camera can warn you if there’s a fight going on; if your fridge sends you a WhatsApp saying that the milk is finished? Internet of Things could make our lives a lot easier and more luxurious. But there’s something crazy about it too. If the city knows things about us, does things to us, without us noticing anymore, then how’s that going to work out? Can we still participate?

With artists including:

Interactive artist Jonas Vorwerk with his Light Pixels. A life-size ‘internet of things’. Playfully experience what it means when things communicate on their own accord. The pixels have already enlightened Barcelona and Nemo’s rooftop and will be flown to Columbia after FabCity.

Afdeling Buitengewone Zaken created an exposition about IoT, including beautiful and funny warnings about what could go wrong, such as the cemetery of failed inventions. The expo touched down during the Dutch Design Week earlier – the highlights will be brought over to Rotterdam.

Start doing it yourself in the Marvin workshops. The RDM Makerspace made a small and simple device, the Marvin, which you can plug into your laptop and can programme with a couple of simple clicks. Make your own sensor for sound or temperature, and have the updates sent by WhatsApp to your phone.

FabCity Rotterdam also provides you with a look into the Circular Kitchen and the Circular Department Store. Or are you ready for your new 21st Century skills?