It's better than going to the shop


You create with your hands and more and more so with the help of smart technology. For the best products you need both. The expectation is that in the future factories will become smaller, and that we will be making more stuff ourselves, in smaller editions. So that you can bring home the bacon as an independent dope stuff producer. That is, if you know how to…

In FabCity as part of the FUTURE FLUX FESTIVAL you can start getting to grips with the new 21st Century skills. Here we go! You can work with 3D pens, Qmod, Alwin, Interactive buttons, Makey Makey, Tinkercadders and more. Don’t worry, we’ll show you how it works. But above all we please please please ask you to beat the big fat robot in the men vs machine Jenga competion.


Please also check out the Circular Kitchen, the Circular Department Store and the Internet of Things presentation at FabCity.