The Circular Department Store

Waste, the new gol



Sustainable entrepreneurs who come together through waste. Go-getters who discovered experimentally that waste is the new gold. During FUTURE FLUX FESTIVAL you can discover – and feel, smell and test – what these circular economy pioneers have to offer us.

Fruitleather – Processing decomposed fruit into leather? Yes we can! Fruitleather can turn 15 kilos of mangos, or other fruit, into one square meter of vegetable leather. For shoes, bags or car interiors. This leads to less food wastage, animal suffering and environmental pollution. And takes us one step closer to a Rotterdam without waste.

Ruik – Waste making you smell lovely? It’s possible. Ruik uses organic orange peel and esoteric oil from residual waste to make perfume. And the Christmas tree? It will be back sporting a new look.

Perpetual Plastic Project – The hit from the last FUTURE FLUX FESTIVAL is back. With this installation young and old can get to work and recycle plastic into base material for 3D printers and create something on the spot.

Refil – Fully recycled plastic ink for 3D printers, made of car glove departments, fridge interiors and PET bottles. Of the best quality. And the first in the world. Refil is now also available in bright green and blue.

Stone Cycling – Building a house from waste? There is living proof of it in the Rotterdam city centre – a house made of WasteBasedBricks, bricks made from construction waste and other residual waste materials. Stone Cycling literally builds a better circular world. They even recycle unusable beer bottles.

Open Source Supermarket – Sharing ideas, transparency and bottom-up – the standards of FabCity. The open source supermarket collects the latest circular building techniques and puts them on the shelf for free. Is this the prelude to Uptown, the first neighbourhood completely made of plastic waste?

Fairphone –  The only fair and sustainable smartphone in the world is the Fairphone. We now know how unsustainable all the other smartphones are and how it took hundreds of people to create them. Here you can get to work and discover how you can take an old phone apart and remove the reusable parts.


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