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Meet: Marcel Schouwenaar (NL)


Velocracy is comparable to the Amsterdam White Bicycle Plan, but with smart technology.

The ambition is not profit, but the greatest possible number of shared bicycles. Using blockchain technology, an ‘open-source’ city bikes was set up, that is self-expanding through use and rental. How?
Every bike has a lock that opens when you check in with your smartphone. You use the bike and pay automatically with a bitcoin-like payment system as soon as you close the lock. The lock saves the payments until the bicycle has earned enough money and sends a message to bicycle retailers. They cash the money in order to add a new bike to the network. In this way, the system spreads through the city like a virus. Velocracy is founded as a Distributed Autonomous Organization and aims to become the first company in the world owned by nobody. Marcel from the Incredible Machine will tell you all about it during this HDYD session.

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